Refund Policy - Soundrr

Updated: 18.08.2023

Refund Policy outlines

This Refund Policy outlines our stance regarding refunds for Soundrr. Please note that this policy is not a legal document and has not been reviewed by legal professionals. It is a guideline to be used as a basis for making decisions about refund requests.

Possible reasons for a refund

The following situations may warrant a full or pro-rated refund:

  • Instances where additional technical issues prevent functionalities promised to you.

To qualify for a refund based on the reasons above, you must provide substantial proof.

Unaccepted requests

There are some instances wherein refund requests are not accepted:

  • Situations where you inadvertently failed to cancel an active subscription.
  • Odd or ambiguous requests, or, requests that Ko-Fi will not satisfy.
  • You have breached our, or Ko-Fi"s, Terms of Service.
  • You have not attempted support.

Refund requests stemming from the reasons listed above will not be considered due to financial constraints.

Important Reminders

When approaching the refund process, please keep the following in mind:

  • Always approach the refund process with patience and politeness. This facilitates a smoother communication process.
  • If you initiate a chargeback through your payment processor without first contacting our team, it may result in an unfavorable outcome. In order to protect our rights, Kofi&'s Soundrr services in these futures.
  • A congenial and courteous demeanor may increase your chances of obtaining a refund, even if your case doesn't directly align with the mentioned reasons.

How To Contact Us

If you believe you are eligible for a refund, here are ways to reach out:

  • RECOMMENDED: Connect with our staff team through our designated support channel.
  • Email us the email linked to the affected Discord account (if available) and send a detailed message to
  • Direct messaging: Engage in a private conversation with a Soundrr team member on Discord. Look for available staff members on our support channels.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we endeavor to address all concerns fairly and promptly.